PIC 12F629 Board v2

Panel of 70 small circuit boards. Includes 14 Microchip PIC 12F629 microcontrollers, and 14 sets of H-bridge boards.

Microcontroller board
Connection board
First half of the H-bridge
Other half of H-bridge
Header board

These boards were originally intended as smart motor controllers for robotics projects. A set of boards would wrap around the gearbox of a small camera servo motor, see picture below. Each motor controller consists of 5 boards. Each panel has 14 sets of all 5 boards.

The schematic for the boards is as follows.

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price: $10 CAD per panel

Local pickup in downtown Toronto encouraged.

to Canada$2.00
to the USA$3.00
to all other destinations$5.00

* I will consider alternate methods of payment and/or shipping on request, please Email me about it.